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McClellan Instruments

& Bows

Dealer, Appraiser, Consultant for Rare Stringed Instruments & Bows

Ontario  1442 Hwy 11 N Kilworthy ON P0E 1G0

                Phone:   direct line 416-420-4211 

Halifax:   1313 Hollis Street. Halifax, N.S. B3J 1T8  by appointment 

                Phone:    902-425-5060


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Current Collection Listing

Excellent advanced student violins

E. H. Roth 1964 and 1930

Mark Schnurr, Brelau 2005

Hawkes & Son Professor France 1932

Jan van de Geest c 1934

Jean Striebig France c 1944


E. R. Schmidt  c. 1930

Herman Hauser II Munich 1930

Ernst Schetelig, Markneukirchen c 1930

John Juzek Prague c 1904

Rober Glier Sr. 1911 and 1893Cincinnati

Glier & Sohn c 1880 Germany

      Fine Violins


Gennaro Gagliano Naples c 1760 (Moennig)

Gennaro Gagliano Naples c 1732

Claude Lebet Cremona school c. 1980 

Enrico Michelangeli, Florence 1986

Giuseppe Lucci, Rome 1971


Nicolo Maurizi 1969

Carel B. Dvorak Prague 1891

Michele De Luccia 1977 Solerno

Maurizio Tadioli Cremona 2000

August Gemunder New York c 1890


Violin Bows

J. B. Vuillaume - J. J. Martin

Louis Joseph Morizot

Joseph Vorin

F. N. Vorin

Joseph Arthur Vigneron

Victor Fetique

Emile Francois Ouchard

Claude Thomassin

Prosper Colas

E. F. Ouchard stamped Cuniot Hury

C.N. Bazin, Louis Bazin


W. E. Hill & Son

H.R. Pfretszchner

C.W. Knopf

A. Nurnberger

Ludwig Bausch

E. Herrmann



Old violas

John Juzek Prague 1926

Modern violas by

H. Tchalkouchian, Toronto 2000

Ani Dimitrova

Mark Schnurr 2008


Viola Bows

 Finkel workshop

  J.S. Finkel, C. Chagas


 Old cellos

William Forster II (Royal)

David Techler, Rome

Modern makers

Mark Schnurr

German workshop 2014


Cello Bows

E. Sartory

L. Bazin

W E Hill & Son

C N Bazin

William Salchow

Joseph Kun

M Marushaut



Horst Grunert, Germany 2009

Hawkes & Son c 1900


           Bass Bows           

E. F. Ouchard amourette nickel mounted

E. F. Ouchard pernambuco silver mounted